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Hubbard’s School History

Hubbard’s School is an independent, co-educational institution situated at Level 1, 15 Lang Parade, Milton. The School is in the Milton Business Precinct on the western edge of the Brisbane Central Business District.

Hubbard’s Academy/School has been in continuous operation, in a variety of inner city premises, since 1952 having deserved an enviable reputation for providing excellence in education. Its namesake, Mr. Godfrey Hubbard, a local entrepreneur, brilliant mathematician and innovative teacher, successfully sought and developed clear explanations for difficult mathematical and scientific concepts and processes. He was an author of several Mathematic textbooks. Mr Hubbard created a unique approach for teaching and learning mathematics at the secondary level. This was adopted by all Queensland secondary schools in the 1970’s.

Partnering him in business in 1952 and remaining as Hubbard’s Principal until January 1995, was Dr. Robert (‘Doc’) Squire. Doc was the author of numerous secondary science text books which were of such a high standard that they remained in use throughout Queensland for more than a decade. He was a war veteran, a pilot, an outstanding academic, involved in establishing the Gatton Campus of the University of Queensland, became a Fellow of the Australian College of Education, and a champion tennis player, representing Australia as a veteran many times.
Hubbard’s initially operated solely as an After School Tutoring institution named Hubbard’s Academy. From 1953, Hubbard Academy accepted students on a full year basis. The full year study load was used to prepare and provide the necessary educational support to excel in Senior External Examinations. For many years this was the sole purpose of Hubbard’s School.

Hubbard’s School was granted Non-State School status on 11th December 2001. The Senior External curriculum is set down and assessed by the Queensland Studies Authority. As of 2007 the School also operated an Tutoring Program and a variety of other courses.