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Study Skills Program

How can the Hubbard’s School Study Skills Program help your student?

As students dive into their subjects, it is imperative to their success to study in a successful and effective manner. This weekly course will provide interactive support to improve their study skills and strategies.  Topics will include identifying learning styles, note taking skills, improving memory, goal setting and achievement, time management, test taking strategies and organisational tips.  The improvement of your student’s study skills will support them in improving their marks for the school year as well as prepare them with the skills for future educational settings.

What are the Program Details?

This program is held weekly every Tuesday afternoon from 21st February to 21st March.  For further information, please open the Study Skills brochure.

How do I enrol?

Complete the Study Skills Enrolment Form, include payment and email back to Hubbard’s School.

Have further queries?

Call 3371 5999 or email admin@hubbards.qld.edu.au