• Year 11 and 12
  • Enrolment

Enrolment Procedure

For full acceptance into the School the following have to be completed and submitted:

  1. The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) Eligibility Form. This form is available from Hubbard’s and QCAA. This form needs to be completed and sent to the QCAA if the prospective student is under 19 years of age and does not have a Senior Certificate or a Senior Statement.
  2. The Hubbard’s School Enrolment Agreement which includes:A non-refundable $150 registration fee; (this can be paid by cash, cheque or credit card). A copy of the most recent academic report. Proof of age.

There are no religious, racial or academic restrictions placed on admission, however, the School reserves the right to withhold entry, if it seems likely that the student would not benefit from the education offered at Hubbard’s School.


To adequately help students select the best option, a personal consultation involving the prospective student and a supporting person, e.g. a parent/guardian, should be arranged as soon as possible with the Principal. An Enrolment Agreement will not be accepted without prior meeting with the Principal.

There is no charge for the consultation and no compulsion to enroll. Consultations are conducted throughout the year. The best time to schedule an appointment for enrolment in the following calendar year is during the latter part of the year or the Christmas Vacation.

A consultation will give you an opportunity to see the School, perhaps meet some of the staff, have relevant QTAC schedules explained as well as have your questions answered.

In circumstances where your personal consultation is not practical because of distance, an interview by telephone can be arranged. Although not ideal, it has proven to be helpful in the past.

For further information, please email admin@hubbards.qld.edu.au Contact us: 07 3371 5999


Before your enrolment is finalised, it is policy to sight originals or copies of your:

  • most recent academic report;
  • photographic proof of age;
  • Senior Certificate;
  • Student Education Profile; and
  • any court orders.

This helps to ensure you have selected the most appropriate option. It would be helpful if the documentation could be brought to the consultation.

Senior External Options After Year 10 or 11

Students who seek to enrol after Year 10 or 11 must have permission from QCAA to proceed. This process is explained during the interview with the Principal. Students should be optimistic about this decision.

Senior External Options After Year 10 or During Year 11

Students choosing to study at Hubbard’s directly after completing Year 10 are normally required to undertake the Senior External program over two (2) years. Some exceptions exist; ask about these during your consultation.

The complete course for each subject takes one (1) calendar year. These students could complete the minimum five (5) subjects, as follows.

Year 1:

Up to three subjects, e.g:

English Subject 1;

Mathematics A Subject 2;

Philosophy and Reason Subject 3.

QCAA exams in each subject in October/November.

A Statement of Results will be issued by QCAA for these subjects.

Year 2:

Up to three subjects e.g:

Physics  Subject 4;

Mathematics B Subject 5;

Legal Studies Subject 6.

QCAA exams in each subject in October/November.

A Statement of Results will be issued by QCAA for these subjects.

A total of five subjects are needed for most universities for students under 18 years of age.

Attendance: An expected attendance for both years would be five short days, Monday to Friday, for a maximum of four hours of lessons per day, commencing at 9 am or 11.30 am or 2 pm depending on the choice of subjects.

Expected Outcomes:

  • a balanced lifestyle with study and lessons as the number one priority;
  • time for part-time work/sport and private social activities;
  • outstanding results – the best possible result is expected; and
  • certainly Rank 99 (= OP 1) is possible for determined students.

Senior External Options After 11 or During Year 12

Students under 19 years who have not completed Year 12 or do not have a Senior Certificate, are required to request permission from QCAA to attempt Senior External subjects.  Eligibility Form is available from the office at Hubbard’s School.

Students may request permission from QCAA to complete all five subjects in one year. The process of determining eligibility will be explained in the consultation process. QCAA is responsible for conducting the final examinations which commence late October each year.  Also, QCAA generates the Senior Certificate which is delivered in December, as are all other Senior Certificates at other secondary schools.

Students who have completed Year 11 at a mainstream school can establish their rank and enhance their eligibility for university entrance over one or two years. It is recommended that three subjects be undertaken in the first year. Permission to attempt more subjects is often granted.

If you are currently completing Year 12, it is important to enroll as soon as practical. The number of subjects suitable for you to complete will depend on your age, your academic background, your goals and the enrolment month.

Senior External Options – After Year 12 or as an Adult

Students who have completed Year 12 at a mainstream school can upgrade to a higher Rank to access university courses by completing a one-year Senior External program of up to five subjects. This has long been a very effective way of achieving the goal of university entrance into a preferred course. Most such students achieve a Rank equivalent to approximately half their OP – some do much better. For example improving from an OP 18 to Rank 96, equivalent to OP 3!

Universities are becoming increasingly flexible regarding Ranks developed from Senior External subjects. For students turning 18 years or older, additional possibilities are available. Just ask during your Consultation.

Orientation Program

All Senior External students enrolled as of Australia Day, 26 January each year, are to attend an Orientation Program. This program incorporates information for students about:

  • being a Hubbard’s School student;
  • effective Study Skills;
  • Time Management and Goal-Setting;
  • Career Goals Assessments; and possibly
  • some short courses such as Apply First Aid, Responsible Service of Alcohol and/or Responsible Service of Gambling as advised in the letter of confirmation.

Enrolments after Orientation

Students who enroll after the Orientation Day are offered an Orientation Pack. Additional lessons to facilitate the ‘catching-up’ of missed work may be arranged. This is personalised and takes into account the date of enrolment, the subjects involved and the student’s previous academic history.

As a consequence of this comprehensive ‘catch-up’ program, late applications for enrolment are always considered  *